Supported Charities

These are charities close to our hearts and are supported by members of our staff and the company as a whole.

 Impact family services.png   Impact Family Services - A charity based in the North of England that works to support families through difficult times

  Read our idea for giving to Impactfs


Heal and Toe Logo.png             

Heel & Toe – A charity based in the North East of England that supports children by providing various forms of  therapy and educational services

 We love this charity and have been collecting clothes, shoes and bags to give in their charity clothing bins, buying their christmas cards and this year we have a table at their Wonderland Charity Ball on 30th November.

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Help for HEROES.jpg             

Help for Heroes – The leading charity for the armed forces, Help for Heroes provide services for veterans,  service personnel and their families

Our Managing Director Andy Skowronski, has been a long standing supporter of Help for Heroes and supports in everyway he can.