A & C Associates Celebrates 5 Years of Success in Training

Published on 29th June, 2018

A & C Associates Celebrates 5 Years of Success in Training

The ‘Road to Transformation’ training course was launched in 2013 by A & C Associates and is still causing a stir in the FMCG and Food Service industry for its effectiveness, 5 years after its introduction.

Those in the FMCG and Food Service sector will want to avail themselves of the Road to Transformation Program by A & C Associates – it provides effective practical tools which companies can easily implement to radically transform their business.  With the motto "Average is Awful", A & C Associates designed their course to bring about proven success and ensure that companies stand out from the crowd. The course is refreshingly fast paced and fun, including a clear road map and mile stones, plus a number of exercises to ensure the know-how is understood and implemented with ease.

The Road to Transformation training course is not just a concept, it translates into a concise action plan. What makes it so effective is that the course is simple to digest – the tools can be put in place without fuss to enhance and simplify the Senior Manager’s life, thereby driving profitability to deliver fast results.

Founder of A&Associates, Andy Skowronski, has a leading reputation for driving cost out of the commercial system and increasing profitability for organisations. In addition to the international expertise revealed in his Road to Transformation training course, he is well known in the industry for his ability to design and help implement successful strategies for firms both large and small. Skowronski’s consultancy services are consistently in demand, including personalised Executive Mentoring.

A&C Associates also offers a 3-day interactive procurement and supply chain master class, ’Procurement into the Future’ which covers all the key areas of the procurement process to boost professional skills in a significantly measurable way. In line with the new Road to Transformation program, PITF involves a highly interactive combination of lectures and case studies, along with individual and team exercises.

A&C Associates have been running their increasingly popular courses, including bespoke, in-house training, for the last five years for a host of different clients and in number of locations around the world.

"Every company we've worked with on Road to Transformation has acheived their 'Bold Goal' - and early - bar none!" - Andy Skowronski

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