Front and Back of House Standardised Design Book

Background:   The UK’s biggest casual dining restaurant brand with a fast-growing international presence in Asia and the Middle East.  This is part of a bigger project from process standardisation up to identifying an optimised procurement package project that is intended to generate savings in the overall restaurant build.

Desired Outcome and Key deliverables:    The standardised design book

The Front of House
To identify the Front of House core design elements, what should be in every store e.g. the open kitchen, preparation counters, cook line, the bar areal, artwork etc.  Determining the Brand Standard elements which are critical to each store and gives the brand its unique personality and feel. 

The Back of House
Standardise the back of house layout based on volume and the various asset types used by the brand.  There would be 2 key elements: the equipment package and the fit out.  Standardised Back of House Package – this would be dependent on the menu but would be based on the needs and differences of the international markets while making sure the identified brand standard elements are present across all markets.