Spend Analysis and Category Management

Spend Analysis and Category Management  -  South East Asian Client 

Background: The countries 2nd largest Food and Beverage Company operating over 500 outlets, where the 3rd largest operator bought out the number 2 player.

Work undertaken: This was an on-going program. Through the major acquisition there were in effect two operating companies working on two very different purchasing systems. The initial stage was to get visibility of what each group was doing in terms of its spend, their key categories and understand whether it was locally procured or from overseas.

Outcome: On completion of the spend analysis, one was able to group the "80:20 spend" into 10 main categories. The visibility achieved through the spend and category analysis, has enabled a series of consolidation opportunities which  delivered cost and supply benefits.

The spend and category analysis  also enabled them to start to develop clear and coherent category plans on three of the Top Categories.

Work  continued with this company through Q4 2014 and the first half of 2015.