Document, Improve and Add to Internal Processes and Procedures

Background:  One of the fastest growing Saudi owned and operated restaurant groups in the Kingdom with an ambitious growth and expansion strategy. The largest locally owned and operated quick service restaurant chain in Saudi Arabia.

After the completion of a major project with A&C, our client approached us again to help with the company’s internal processes and procedures.

Objective: The objective  of this project is to document, improve and add to the existing supply chain processes and procedures. Setting a set of standards is key to helping reduce variations within given processes.

Work undertaken:  Several members of the A&C team worked closely with the Supply Chain Manager to map out the current processes of the company. After mapping out the current processes, the A&C team eliminated bottlenecks on the current process and amended the document to fully maximize efficiency in these supply chain processes. 

Outcome:  An organized manual with process flows mapped out in all relevant categories. It included procurement charters, process objectives and narratives to help explain the flow chart better.

Benefits to the client:  The manual was created with the purpose of helping the supply chain department of our client to understand their internal processes better. This document will help gain employee compliance and at instil a sense of direction to the employees. With this manual, consistency and visibility of processes were achieved by our client.