Creating a Brand Standards & Supply Chain Playbook


In 2019 a South African based restaurant group, famous for their grilled chicken and Piri Piri sauces commissioned A&C Associates to create their Brand Standards & Supply Chain Playbook for their operations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The completed Playbook would give Franchise and Operational Partners a concise ‘one stop’ portal from which they could access the policies, procedures, processes, key forms, and documents necessary for day to day business with Nando’s.

Work Undertaken

Work on the Playbook followed activity undertaken to help our client classify their SKU list into IP Core, Core, Key & Supporting. The team at A&C then worked with the client’s contacts to extract every relevant policy, procedure, process and form. This generated a significant amount of documentation but the process helped the teams agree that the final Playbook should be a concise summary of around 30 pages with hyper-links to extended versions and key forms. Additionally, it was necessary to identify where important information was not readily available to the client’s partners. For example, the teams agreed a need to generate new summaries and graphics that explained the roles and division of duty across the different company functions. 

The challenge for the A&C team was to summarise without losing important information. To know what should be in the Playbook and what could be a link. This involved effective working between the A&C and our client’s teams without being too intrusive to their operations. Throughout the process, the opportunity was taken by both teams to improve the processes or procedures where appropriate.

The Result and benefit to the client

Because of its breadth and complexity, the project took several months to complete but as a result, A&C delivered to our client something they did not have before. A single portal for all the key information required by their Franchise and Operational Partners. In addition, the process had also helped our client internally to have a better understanding of the linkages of their functions and key business processes. It also gave them a platform on which they could maintain these processes and ensure that together with their policies, procedures and key forms these important documents are kept up to date and relevant.

For the Franchisees and Operational Partners, there is now a single place they can go to find out what they need. Making our client a more transparent organisation, easy to do business with.