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One of our consulting core competencies is the broader supply chain.  From procurement to warehousing and logistics, we extensively review an organisation's supply chain and provide strategies and solutions. As supply chains become increasingly regional and global, having a flexible, robust and low-cost supply chain provides a competitive advantage. Our services focus on the 'BIG 5' and the procurement and supply chain process.

A huge part of our Consulting service is reducing client costs on existing purchases. This is not simply working to mitigate an annual percentage increase by 2% or 3% (what we refer to as ‘cost avoidance – a banned phrase at A&C Associates), it is about challenging the existing supply chain; scrutinising the options available in an increasingly competitive global market and reducing existing costs to save money on current procurement processes.

How we work

The process begins with a thorough Spend Analysis being conducted, then our consultants partner with the client to form a team that has the company’s core values in mind.

Once key categories and spend item(s) have been identified, we then agree the specification required to offer the customer quality and brand consistency. Lowest cost country sourcing often provides a credible alternative alongside local provides, and a thorough research process takes place to shortlist companies with whom we wish to work.  A comprehensive RFP is tailored to the product and will minimally include key details about the company’s core values, ethos and objectives as well as annual purchase volumes and spec information for each item being tendered.  This is then issued to the potential new suppliers by A&C associates category manager who will also collate the proposals, company presentation / brochures and product specifications to ensure the comparison is not just made on price but on quality, service and aligning the supplier’s offering to the specifications agreed by our partnership.

The whole process is managed by us with you in mind, we negotiate terms and present results to you for a collective decision to be made to award the business to the right supplier and we end the process by helping to set up the new supply chain.

Our success of late has been measured in millions of US dollars per product, and we can review the supply chain for as many products as you buy.

By consulting on the 'Big 5' building blocks we build supply chain strategies and solutions that streamline processes, save time and reduce costs.   The result: ' Your supply chain ... simplified and optimised!' - Andy Skowronski

 We also undertake specific supply chain projects.  These range from:

-  Conducting spend analysis                                                                - Implementing category management

-  Developing category plans                                                                -  Unlocking the value within a category

-  Lowest country sourcing                                                                    -  Negotiating contracts on behalf of clients


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