Asian Independent Purchasing Company IPC Business Plan

Background - Our client wanted to explore the possibility of having an Asian Independent Purchasing Company (IPC)


ObjectiveA&C Associates were tasked to create a business plan in establishing an Asian IPC


Work UndertakenThe scope of the study included investigation and review of the following areas:

Asia Sphere of Operations: 14 Countries, 2,500 Stores and $667 Million Sales

Cost of  Goods spend analysis, SKUs and Source Countries

Review of existing IPC Constitution

Key IPC Information: Products, Product Approval Process, Countries of Operation, Board, Location


Outcome -  A&C Associates created a comprehensive business plan on the creation of an Asia IPC which includes the following:

The Principles of the Asian IPC

Scope and the Opportunity

Changing System Needs & Asian IPC Objectives

Governance and the role of the Board of Directors

Development of the Organisational Structure

3 Year Budget Plan

Roll-Out Timeline and Projected Costs


The business plan highlighted the significant challenges of operating Asia’s purchasing function outside Asia, supporting the need for its own  IPC and the significant benefits of having a regional  strategic purchasing group focusing on the needs of Asia.