Strengthen and Improve Clients Existing Process and Procedure Manual

Background:  One of Saudi Arabia's leading restaurant operator that handles some of the most recognizable brands in the country approached A&C to examine and further improve the company’s internal processes.
The client has established itself as one of the industry leaders and employer-of-choice through a combination of local market understanding and a comprehensive commitment to customer service excellence and high food quality.
The objective:    To work cohesively with the various departments such Supply Chain, Internal Audit and the CAO’s office to strengthen and improve the company’s supply chain procedures. A structure had to be set in place wherein all business units worked efficiently with a clear line of progression and handover from one step to another.
Work undertaken:  The A&C team worked closely with the client's supply chain team to understand their current processes and improve it with some of industry's best practices. It was a back and forth discussion that resulted in a personalized manual that captured the processes of Procurement Planning and Strategy, Vendor Selection, Vendor Master Management, Material Order Management, Receipt of Materials, Purchase Accounting, Purchase Returns, Vendor Evaluation and Vendor Audit.
Outcome: An organized process manual which included a visual representation of the process flow enumerated. It also included the objective of the process, the policies that the team had to abide by and the process narrative to better explain the flow chart.
Benefits to the Client: This was created for the purpose of understanding and efficiently executing their processes and procedures better. With the document in place, it can be used by employees for better understanding, quality control and training. The document can also be used to revisit a process for effectiveness and improvement. It helps to show unnecessary steps, bottlenecks and other inefficiencies.