Due Diligence

One of the core key expertise of A&C Associates is Due Diligence having done this process for top conglomerates in Asia, the Middle East and the UK. Our aim is to thoroughly assess your target company’s business allowing you to make informed investment decisions.

With 100+ years of combined restaurant industry experience, our team focuses on 5 key areas to value potential opportunities within the target business.

Market Overview

Build a long term competitive advantage thru market research that includes the following:- 

  •  Market Analysis 
  •  Identification of Factors Stimulating Market Growth
  • Overview of the Market Structure
  • Competition Analysis
  • Business Environment Analysis
  • Marketing Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Customer Journey Mapping


A detailed review of the effectiveness of the company’s organizational structure in achieving its strategic business objectives.

  • Organisational Structure and HeadCount
  • Any functional capability gaps
  • G&A Costs

Financial / Strategic

An assessment of the company’s current profitability and its ability to hit the 5-year plan. This process will also enable the team to uncover future opportunities within the business.

  • Management Account
  • Revenue Growth (SSSG, Same Store, Transaction & AGC growth)
  • 5-Year Plan and Projections
  • Performance Management

Supply Chain

End-to-end evaluation of the Supply Chain from Procurement to the delivery of finished goods to the customers. Benefits include reduced procurement costs, optimised inventories, simplified manufacturing processes, higher recovery rates and improved order fill rates.

  • Procurement Strategy
  • Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • Compliance & Regulatory


An assessment of the value and condition of the company’s assets. For manufacturing facilities, current capacity utilization is also reviewed against strategic growth plans in order to determine future Capex requirement. For Restaurants, an effective Back of House (BOH) system is developed to simplify operations, maximize efficiency and improve production times.

  • Assets and Capabilities
  • Capacity Utilisation & Future Capex Requirement
  • Back of House

Included within our full report are a) a “red flag / amber flag” assessment with a highlight of the key strengths and future opportunities and b) a consolidated recommendation report based on the findings during the due diligence process.


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