Fast Casual Afro-Portuguese Food Feasibility Study

Background - A south African based multinational fast-casual restaurant chain seeking to expand into the GCC region utilising a regional hub and spoke model.

Objective - To conduct a feasibility study to determine if and where it would be advisable for this company to set up a regional Hub in the GCC in order to better serve its existing stores in the region, and promote the development of new locations.

Work Undertaken

- Research current route to market and data cleanse of all 3rd party spend

 - Document the scope and scale of the growth opportunity, factoring in future regional growth and its impact

- Look at best potential operating models and location to centralise the hub

- Identify potential counterparts/distributors, with gap assessment to align capabilities of these partners with the needs of the franchise

- Detailed legal and financial implications cross border trade restrictions, duty-free zones

The result - An approved strategic roadmap that will deliver a significant route to market benefits for the company and its franchisee partners. With newfound clarity of the spend data it also resulted in the opportunity to develop regional Procurement capability and deliver 3rd party vendor sourcing savings.