A&C helps major pizza brand enter new market

One of the UK’s iconic pizza brands has opened its 2nd restaurant in the Philippines thanks to A&C Associates. The company, which first started in London and now has over 400 UK restaurants and 100 overseas, approached A&C for help finding a suitable franchise partner in the region.  It joins other big British companies with a presence in the Philippines including M&S, Shell and GlaxoSmithKline.

As any franchise expert will advise, entering new markets requires serious research rather than an ‘everyone else is doing it, therefore it must be a good idea’ approach.   A&C’s vast international experience in the foodservice industry working for major brands including KFC, Burger King and Max’s Group Inc includes developing regional strategies, selecting franchisees, opening new markets and involvement in areas such as financial and operational due diligence as well as international supply chains.  A&C also has a strong presence in the Philippines, providing the pizza company with the perfect opportunity to tap into its regional knowledge and strong industry links.

 Working closely with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry, A&C provided the pizza company with the advice and in-depth research needed to fully understand the rapidly-growing food and drinks sector in the Philippines.  Analysing factors such as current and evolving food trends and the social and environmental aspects affecting consumer purchasing behaviour, A&C’s research also identified key competitors in the area.  Following the analysis, A&C was able to draw up a list of potential partners, from which the pizza chain entered discussions with five of the biggest local retail franchisees.