Clients and Testimonials

A selection of testimonials, from a few of our very happy clients. We always welcome feedback.

Clients.jpg  Endorsements:

"Now I get it! Really enjoyed the course, extremely relevant to me and my position."- Carl Russo, Purchasing Manager, Flavour Makers


"It was a very good opportunity to get to know the customer's perspective too! Thank you!"- Takashi Kamiya, Purchasing Manager, Griffith Foods, Japan


"It's an intensive course, so it was great how you managed the time and information with learning games. I really enjoyed the course, Thank you!"- T Hernandez - Senior Buyer, Griffith Laboratories, Mexico


"Many parts of the training were illustrated to me very clearly, for example, Cost Bar Analysis and Establishing Priorities. I can now understand both ours and the suppliers perspective before going into a negotiation. This course helped me prioritise on what's important."- J. Brzezinska - Key Account Manager, SCM Poland.


"It is a practical, focused and flexible approach to understand Procurement employing the latest doable techniques in enterprise Value Chain, adding real insights and new perspectives to participants." - Amr Zulfikar, Regional Supply Chain Management Director, Kuwait Food Company, AMERICANA



"This course would be a must for any professional procurement team wanting to move from purchasing into procurement. It is a step that we are seeking and this course provides some excellent tools, concepts and organisational tips that I will be taking on into the future."- Henry Palau, Procurement Manager, McCormick Australia.


"Many parts of the course were illustrated to me clearly, such as Establishing Priorities, Cost Bar Analysis, supplier Preferencing etc... we can now understand both ourselves and the suppliers perspective before coming to a negotiation session." - Benjawan Prompichatrattana, Senior SCM Section Manager, YUM Restaurants International (Thailand)


"Great tools and easily implemented. It has transformed the working of my Department."- Bryan Magugat, SCM Manager, Ramcar Food Group (Philippines)


"Loved the simplicity of the tools and associated practical exercises - a definite highlight."- Peter Forbes, Regional Industrial Sales Manager, McCormick Foods, Australia, NZ And SE Asia.


"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts" - John Wooden


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