Procurement Into The Future

The Procurement into the Future training program specialises in improving a procurement professional's skills permanently and in a measurable way.

The three-day interactive procurement and supply chain course covers all the key areas of the procurement process. 'Procurement into the Future' is also able to offer an introductory one day class for people who are recently new to the procurement or supply chain profession.

The training program is a highly interactive combination of lectures, individual and team exercises, case studies and interactive case play. Its origins stem from the birth of modern procurement techniques developed by PepsiCo Inc. It guides and coaches the delegates through the purchasing process from spend analysis all the way through to how to get the most out of a negotiation through proper preparation and a negotiating skills workshop.

The design of the training course allows executives to take positive and practical learning from the tools and techniques and implement them immediately in the workplace. The multi-sensory nature of the course and the expertise of the trainers means it aids both visual and auditory learners.

With our trainers all having worked in industry at senior levels for a variety of organisations, the course is full of real-life examples and provides the delegates with a bigger picture view as well as practical solutions to take back and implement in the workplace.

We run both single company courses and open courses throughout the year in various locations around the world.

Our course has been attended by nearly as many sales personnel as procurement professionals as it provides them with a tremendous insight as to how procurement and supply chain professionals operate.


Accredited by The Institute of Supply Chain Management - Level 5


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